Why Is My Diarrhea Black? Essential Things to Know About

Amidst various conditions related to the human body and health is the one known as black diarrhea in which it is really important to find out the reasons behind why is my diarrhea black. In order to be able to figure out the cause of this condition, considering the actual color, as well as consistency of the stool, is crucial.

Yet it is quite commonly known that the main reason for such a thing is internal bleeding. That should always be the first concern related to black diarrhea condition.

Why Is My Diarrhea Black? Essential Things to Know About

Furthermore, just before getting into anything else related to this particular matter, the color is very important. It has been mentioned earlier that the color of the stool should be determined whether it is really black, brownish, or blackish.

The idea within the matter of why is my diarrhea black will then be affected by the consistency of the stool.

Just in case that the stool is considered to be black tarry stool since it is resembling tar then it should be associated with serious medical evaluation. Unless there is a clear reason for it to be caused by some types of food consumed previously then it is a problem.

In order to get a clear idea of why is my diarrhea black then the way internal bleeding could cause this should be understood.

Following the main probable cause that could cause this particular condition, internal bleeding will cause the blood to be digested. The result of that process is the so-called black diarrhea problem.

Furthermore, the so-called internal bleeding means that anything causing that bleeding could be there within the digestive tract.

Another possibility that could happen is blood vomit. Just in case that the blood of the internal bleeding does not come out through vomiting then it will go down to be digested and released out as a form of black stool diarrhea.

That is the main thing to pay attention related to the reason why is my diarrhea black. In relation to this particular matter, the minimum amount of blood loss is 2 ounces to be able to be released way down in the form of diarrhea.

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Why is my diarrhea black? It is said that this black diarrhea from internal bleeding can be a sign of a dangerous thing. Basically it takes time for the internal bleeding itself to be processed and resulted in diarrhea.

It could be delivering diarrhea in between 5 hours to 20 hours. Thus it means that the bleeding could have happened at least 5 years.

Along that time surely things can be done if the sign can be seen as if the blood came out in the form of vomit. So basically there is nothing can be done until the blood came out which could be worse when it is in the form of diarrhea related to the idea of black diarrhea.

Why is my diarrhea black? Any form of blood loss can never be good in which it could get even worse when it lasts for a long time. Within the time needed for the blood to reach the end of the system and then be released in the form of diarrhea other things could actually happen.

Lightheaded feeling, increasing heartbeat, dizziness when standing, confusion, low blood pressure, and feeling so thirsty along with dry mouth is all of the possibility of internal blood loss of black diarrhea.

There are more things that can be said as the signs of internal bleeding to be related to the reason why is my diarrhea black.

Chest pain is another common thing to feel when there is internal bleeding. Unfortunately, this particular condition can actually be caused by many types of things. Some of the things may even be considered to be serious.

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Why Is My Diarrhea Black and What Cause It

It is true that there are many things to be possibly considered as the main cause of this problem. Peptic ulcers and varices are considered to be the main causes though. The last one is actually a condition of dilated veins in the esophagus or stomach.

The first one known as peptic ulcers could occur in the stomach as well as the first part of the small intestine. It can cause erosion of large blood vessels leading to hemorrhage.

Meanwhile, varices can be associated with chronic liver disease. It can cause serious and life-threatening internal bleeding. Those are the common causes of such a problem of why is my diarrhea black.

Proper care and medication are always suggested to those who are actually having this problem. When there is a sign of black diarrhea then going to the nearest ER is always the best thing to do.

Taking Pepto Bismol for diarrhea treatment can also cause black stool. The active ingredient inside the medicine is the main cause of it.

With the proper procedure in the ER surely the cause of diarrhea can be detected and then proper care and medication related to that matter of why is my diarrhea black can be done as well.

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