Will Hemorrhoids Go Away On Its Own Without Treatment?

There are so many people have a question “will hemorrhoids go away on their own?”. This the answer to how hemorrhoids will go with a different condition such as external, internal, prolapsed, thrombosed or in small or large size, low or high grade.

Since this kind of illness suffers so many people and disturbing their comfort and decreasing quality of life, most people need to know how if this hemorrhoid can be removed without any treatment or medication that makes them more have difficulties. And many people ask the time for hemorrhoids to go away with or without treatment. Here the answer and explanation of the question.

Will Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own Without Treatment?

Knowing Hemorrhoids Facts And Types

Hemorrhoids or also known as piles are swollen or inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum. This condition is usually caused by too much strain while having bowel movements.

You can also develop hemorrhoids due to increased pressure on the veins in lower rectum or anus during pregnancy as well.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. There are various treatments that you could use to treat this condition. However, some people might wonder if hemorrhoids will go away on their own without using any treatments.

Possibility of Removing Hemorrhoids Without Treatment

Some people might think that if hemorrhoids go away on their own even if they don’t use any treatment for this condition. Since they do not know how long the hemorrhoids last while there is no idea what the best treatment.

But unfortunately, hemorrhoids will not go away without treatments. You need to use treatments to treat this condition.

There are various aspects that could worse hemorrhoids such as straining during bowel movements, constipation, sitting for too long, severe diarrhea, pregnancy, poor diet, infection, overuse of laxatives, and heredity.

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Type Of Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids. The first one is called external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids only occur on the outer part of your anus.

This type of hemorrhoids could be found during the examination. External hemorrhoids also cause pain, itching, and sometimes bleeding.

The other type is called internal hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids occurs inside your anus and couldn’t be seen during the examination.

Will Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own With These Treatments?

Even though the answer to the question of whether hemorrhoids go away on their own is no, there are several ways to treat this condition.

The first way to treat hemorrhoids is by using home remedies (read: apple cider vinegar hemorrhoids). To treat hemorrhoids using home remedies, you can follow the steps below.

  • To reduce inflammation, try to sit in a tub with warm water for twenty minutes at least thrice a day. You need to make sure that the anal area is covered by the water. After the treatment, don’t forget to dry the anal area thoroughly.
  • Add more fiber in your diet and drink plenty of water might help you prevent constipation which is considered as one of the main cause of hemorrhoids. Preventing constipation will allow you to reduce pressure on the rectum, swelling, further discomfort, and bleeding.
  • To prevent flare-ups, you can use stool softeners. However, once you have hemorrhoids, the liquid stools may cause inflammation and infection on the anus.
  • Avoid sitting for too long. Exercise regularly will also help improve blood circulation and relieve constipation. Prevent delaying bowel movement as well since it might lead to strain and constipation.
  • Use suppositories, creams, or ointments to relieve the pain that is caused by hemorrhoids. However, you need to remember that these applications don’t cure the hemorrhoids and only used to decrease inflammation and swelling.

Going Away Hemorrhoids With Medical Treatment

Besides using home remedies, hemorrhoids also could be treated using medical procedures as well. There are various medical options that are available for treating hemorrhoids. These medical procedures are including:

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1. Medication

OTC ointments and creams could be used to treat hemorrhoids. However, severe hemorrhoids require specific creams that are made of ingredients such as witch hazel and hydrocortisone.

2. Minimally invasive procedures

External hemorrhoids sometimes cause a blood clot that requires a simple incision to remove it. Other minimally invasive procedures that could be used to treat hemorrhoids are including rubber band ligation, coagulation, and sclerotherapy.

3. Surgical procedures

In some cases, the only treatment that could be used to treat hemorrhoids is a surgical procedure. There are two common surgical options for treating hemorrhoids.

  1. The first one is called hemorrhoidectomy. This procedure is used to remove excessive tissue which causes bleeding.
  2. Another surgical procedure for hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoid stapling. This procedure is used to block the blood flow to the affected tissue.

Since the answer to the question that will pile go away on their own is no, it’s very important for you to consider the best treatment for treating this condition.

If you decide to use home remedies as the treatment for hemorrhoids, it’s very important for you to contact your doctor first and get a physical examination from your doctor before you use the home remedies.

But as prevention, you must set your life in healthy ways. How can stress cause hemorrhoids should be your concern as the main protection.

It’s also very important for you to know the symptoms of hemorrhoids so that you could treat this condition immediately before it’s getting worse.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are including pain, irritation, or itching in the anal area, bleeding that occurs when you have bowel movements, and a lump or swelling in the anal area. Those the explanation about will hemorrhoids goes away on their own.

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