Wrinkle Preventions: 25 Drop These Bad Habits

Wrinkles are a nightmare for people nowadays. The wrinkle is not always there because it is the sign of getting older, it can also appear when you can’t take good care of your skin. Sometimes, you don’t realize that some things you do in your daily life can increase your risk of wrinkles. Pay attention to the list and never do it again.

Wrinkle Preventions: 25 Drop These Bad Habits

Too Much Tugging and Rubbing While Removing Your Makeup

Removing your makeup is a must. Doing it gently and carefully is the best way to do it. Rubbing your face roughly can cause wrinkles especially in the eye area because it is thin and fragile.

Not Putting Sunblock

Do not only put your sunscreen when you are on the beach, put it every day, even when there is no sun. Sunscreen is the best solution to wrinkle prevention.

Always Smile

too many smile cause wrinkle, don't do this too much
It is a good thing, indeed. The type of smile mentioned here is the big smile with all grins. This can form a formation of wrinkles because the facial muscle moves repetitively.

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Chewing Gum

The concept is the same as using a straw while drinking. If you continuously chew a lot of gum, the wrinkle in your mouth will appear.

Not Enough Sleep

Sleeping helps the skin to refresh and decrease the possibility of getting a wrinkle.

Using Straw

You think this is maybe not so influential in wrinkle prevention, but it is. Drinking with a straw can pick the lips and cause a wrinkle formation around the mouth.

Consume Too Much Sugar

Sugar can release inflammation-causing insulin which causes a bad effect on your skin. It prevents collagen from being dissolved in the system and forming wrinkles.

Too Much Contact with Phone

A study in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that looking too much at your phone can cause the surfacing of lines and creases in your neck.

Makeup On While Sleeping

Sleeping with makeup on not only can dry out the skin but also accelerate the aging process and create wrinkles.

Driving Without Skin Protection

Do not let your guard down. Put on sunscreen while you are driving because the car’s window can’t block the UV rays which lead to a sagging and dark spot in your skin.


Frowning and smiling have the same effect on the skin, emergence of wrinkles. Frowning produces a wrinkle-causing movement in your face.

Too Much Stress

Stress is a trigger for mental and physical health. Stress can produce hormone cortisol that can speed up the wrinkle process.

Not Using Silk Pillowcases In Your Sleeping

Silk is good for your skin health. When you use a silk pillowcase while sleeping, the skin will be protected by the softness and won’t initiate wrinkles.

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Water can moisture and increase skin elasticity. Water is an essential need for the human body as it keeps us healthy.

Spraying Perfume on the Neck

Spraying perfume on the skin can stimulate the reaction of sunlight toward the skin. It leads to wrinkling formation and sunburn.


It is similar to smiling and frowning. Squinting is a repeated expression that can help the emergence of wrinkles around the mouth area.

Eating Unhealthy Fats

Eating healthy fat is a good contribution to the skin, it can minimize wrinkles. Remember to avoid any healthy ones.

Not Using Moisturizer

Putting on moisturizer every day before you use sunscreen is one of wrinkle prevention. It helps your skin look young and healthy.

Applying Makeup Brutally

While removing makeup roughly can cause wrinkles, the same goes for applying to make up. Put your makeup delicately and gently.

Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol can lead you to dehydration. Dehydration can lead you to form more wrinkles in your skin.

Sleeping On Your Side or Stomach

image sleeping side

image sleeping on side cause wrinkle

The sleeping position also plays a certain role in wrinkle formation. Do not sleep on your side or stomach.

Not Consuming Enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the best natural anti-aging for your skin. Try to love eating broccoli, oranges, kiwi, bell peppers and other vitamins C-food.


Your wrinkle prevention is failed when you are smoking. This is the greatest contributor to skin aging.


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    I didn’t know many of these items before this! Wow thank you so much this is all good advice. Hope we can delay wrinkles!


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