23 Wrinkles Causes That Occur Because Of Your Carelessness To Your Skin

Did you know that some activities wrinkle causes? Here comes a list of things you should avoid, for better skin.

23 Wrinkles Causes That Occur Because Of Your Carelessness To Your Skin

Wrong-way to clean the face

wrong clean face cause wrinkle

Unwittingly how to clean your face greatly affects the texture of the skin. If you do it roughly, it can damage the texture of your skin. You can prevent wrinkles on the face and other skin by paying attention to the list of activities that turn out to be the cause of skin, facial and other wrinkles.

Forgot to use sunscreen

Forgetting to use sunscreen makes your skin vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV, which is aging.

Frequent use of straws

The movement of my mouth using a straw repeatedly turns out one of the causes of the appearance of fine lines on your face.

Do you like chewing gum?

Usually, those who chew gum too often are easier to wrinkle causes in the mouth area.

Messy bedtime

Lack of sleep also turns out to increase wrinkles on the skin, because the skin does not get enough rest.

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Keep your intake of sweet foods

It turns out that too much sugar content causes the skin’s collagen content to become damaged.

Addicted to using gadgets

The use of gadgets that are too long can cause fatigue on the skin, especially in the neck and around the eye area.

Lazy to clean makeup

Usually, sleep with wearing makeup? It turns out that this habit makes the skin tired and brittle.

Not using a mask when driving

When you drive, try to use a mask to protect your face from direct sunlight, to avoid damage to parts of the facial skin. Besides having prevention effects, mask faces also useful as wrinkle removers.

Too often frowning

Just like smiling often, it turns out that frowning also causes stimuli on the face, to speed up the appearance of lines on the forehead.

No stress management

manage yoru stress

To stress turns out to affect the condition of your skin. A tired mind causes the skin to look dull too easily and gives rise to pimples.

Dirty pillowcases

Dirty pillowcases turned out to be the cause of skin problems. The bacteria found in the pillowcase will stick to the skin.

Bad drinking habit

Rarely drinking water causes your skin to become dry and easy to become dull, it also becomes easy to appear pimples.

Use perfume on the neck

don’t often spray perfume on your neck

Although the intention is to complete the appearance, the use of perfume in the neck turned out to cause irritation-prone skin.

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The habit of squinting

Squinting movements cause the appearance of wrinkles on the area of your forehead and eyes because the movements are done customarily and repetitively.

Lack of healthy fat intake

too much fat cause wrinkles

Fat in the skin also serves to maintain moisture, health, and avoid the skin from the scaly texture.

Skip moisturizer

Are you the one who underestimates the use of moisturizers? Lack of moisture on the skin makes the skin dull, easy to be rough and also difficult to apply makeup.

Indiscriminate use of makeup

Using makeup haphazardly turns out to make the skin become damaged. Therefore, apply makeup gently.

Drinking excessive alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol turned out to be bad for the skin condition. It causes your skin to lose moisture.

Sleep in the wrong position

wrong sleep position can cause wrinkles

It turns out that the position during sleep also affects how wrinkles appear on your body. Choosing the right sleep position will affect blood circulation to the face.

Skip the vitamin C

Lack of vitamin C content makes the skin slow in recovering, so if your skin is damaged, it will take a long time to restore its condition.

Smoking habit

It turns out that nicotine in cigarettes has a bad impact on skin health, making the skin vulnerable to aging and wrinkle causes.


13 thoughts on “23 Wrinkles Causes That Occur Because Of Your Carelessness To Your Skin

  1. Marjie Mare

    I use a straw to drink anything. I thought I was protecting my teeth, now I have to reconsider. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Crumby Vegan

    This is really interesting! I had no idea about dirty pillowcases. I’m unfortunately addicted to gadgets too… I’m always trying to address that issue. Your comment about healthy fat is correct, but underneath is a picture of sausages which is definitely not healthy fat. Avocados and nuts are tons more healthier 🙂

  3. Glorious Heights

    Oh waoo this post is so helpful.. I had no
    Idea there could be so many causes!!
    I’ll be more careful now. Saving the pin!


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