6 Wrist Arthritis Pain Treatments Alternatives and Exercise: What Is The Best?

Painful arthritis wrist may restrict you from many daily tasks and can make it uneasy to perform the simplest job. Giving your arthritis wrist the right treatment can ease the soreness and help you live a pain free life. Modern science and ancient healing techniques both have various treatment options to manage wrist arthritis pain.

We have compiled a list of the best treatments which can control and alleviate your wrist arthritis pain.

wrist arthritis treatment

Treatments for Arthritis Wrist Pain

Wrist Exercises

Arthritis weakens the muscles of affected areas that cause tenderness, exercising can build strength in the muscles and relieve arthritis related soreness.

Simple exercises like clenching the fist, rotating the fingers and wrist can help you regain muscle health.

Pain Medications

Inflammation is a leading reason for arthritis pain and taking anti inflammation medicines can reduce the soreness that occurs due to inflammation.

Other pain relieving medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be advised to ease the pain.

However, these pain medications can have side effects so talk to your doctor before taking these pain relieving medicines.

Topical Treatment

Many over the counter and prescription ointments\ oils can be applied on the arthritis affected areas to reduce pain.

Ointment and drugs with methanol and camphor and other pain reducing drugs can relieve the pain for a limited time.

Some ancient pain relieving oils and ointment can also be rubbed on the affected areas.

Remember these topical drugs do not treat the problem from the root and may lose its effect after a period of time.

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Splint Support

If wrist arthritis pain is making it difficult to perform the easy tasks like brushing and writing using a splint can help.

Plastic splint can be easily found in medical stores, custom made wooden splints are also available that supports the joints and give rest to sore arthritis muscles and joints.

Using splint is a good option for patients who suffer from stiff joints and muscles.

Sometimes wearing a splint is advised after a ligament or joint surgery.

Heat or Cold

Hot water and icy cold patches are often used to reduce swelling and tenderness in the wrist caused by arthritis.

Identifying the reason behind the pain is important before applying the heat or cold to affected area.

If you are feeling stiffness in the muscles after a nap or a night sleep then using a hot water patch is the right option.

On the other hand if you are suffering from soreness and tender joints then applying an ice pack or using a cold patch may ease the pain.

Having a hot bath or sitting in hot tub can also help to relive stiffness.

In some cases a combination of hot and cold bath is recommend to address both rigidness and tenderness of joints and muscles.


Depending on the severity of your wrist arthritis doctor might advice you a surgery. Various types of surgeries are available to treat wrist arthritis.

If you having arthritis soreness due to the tear of wound in the ligament a surgery called tenosynovechtomy would be performed to repair the injured ligament.

In some rare cases, a joint replacement surgery is advised for severely damaged joints.

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Reading the signs and choosing the right treatment for your wrist arthritis can be difficult so talk to your doctor and discuss your options before starting any medications.

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