4 Wrist Arthritis Signs And Symptoms: What It Feels and See

Arthritis is a disease which affects the cartilage of joints. Joints, which help in the movement of the body, when affected by arthritis, tend to seize the freedom to move the joints easily. When arthritis is affected, cartilage which covers the joining portion of two bones start wearing out and ultimately gets destroyed completely.

wrist arthritis signs and symptoms

How Wrist Arthritis Can Be Happened

Destruction of the cartilage will then cause the joints to rub against each other. Unbearable pain, swelling and inflammation will be the result.

Mobility is the one thing which is affected by arthritis. Pain and immobility can cause great difficulties to the person affected.

Problems in Wrist

Wrist, one of the major parts of the body which helps us to do our day to day activities, when affected by arthritis can cause great difficulties.

Lifting or picking up things would be painful in people affected with wrist arthritis.

Wrist pain is caused mainly due to two types of arthritis– Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis, a progressive condition is able to destroy the articular cartilage which covers the ends of the bones.

It is due to the articular cartilage that joints, especially healthy ones move easily. Due to Osteoarthritis, the cartilage tends to wear away. Rubbing of bare bone will result in pain, weakness and stiffness

Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic disease, attacks many joints in the body. Often, it starts with the joints of the hand and the wrist.

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Symmetric attacks of rheumatoid arthritis usually strike the joints between forearm, ulna and radius. Softening and wearing Ulna can cause tendons to tear, helping to stretch fingers.

This will lead to joint deformity like bent wrists and gnarled fingers.

Common Symptoms of Wrist Arthritis

Burning Pain in the Wrist

Osteoarthritis usually occurs in old people. It can be the result of an injury in the wrist or it can also be the usual wear and tear.

During the initial stage of the Osteoarthritis, the person affected will be experiencing a dull or even a burning pain in the wrist area. This pain is found soon after you do any heavy job with your hands.

Stiffness in the Morning

Stiffness is a symptom which the person experiences in the later stage. Waking up in the morning, you will find your wrists stiff and you will be unable to move them for some time.

Developing Kienbock’s Disease

In some cases, wrist arthritis (Osteoarthritis) can lead to Kienbock’s disease. In this disease, the blood supply to the Lunate, a small bone near the wrist is interrupted.

As a result, the blood supply to the bones stops. Ultimately, the bone will die.

Swelling and Warmth

Swelling and warmth in the wrist are the symptoms of wrist arthritis one will experience in the mornings. The affected swollen area would appear red.

In Rheumatic arthritis, the swelling and stiffness in the knuckles would be accompanied by pain.

Weakness and Limited Motion

Rheumatic arthritis of the wrist joint will also cause limited motion and weakness. Pain, swelling and lack of blood supply are the reasons for these symptoms.

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