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5 Dangers of Negative Self-Concept and Self-Talk To Be Aware

Self-concept do many important roles in passing through life challenges as well as life experience, thus, it is necessary to know the dangers of negative self-concept. Apart from finding out the dangers, let me lead you to define what actually a self-concept is.

Psychologically, self-concept is the term used to recognize how someone things about and evaluates themselves. It deals with an individual belief about himself or herself that has a relationship with a not confident synonym. In general, a self-concept represents an answer to the question “who am I”.

Different from self-esteem definition which deals with the self-evaluation and opinion of oneself, self-concept refers to cognitive and descriptive components. The basic knowledge about this matter is about self-confidence meaning.  It is much about you and how you behave toward the past, present, and future resembling your own ideas.

In this article, we are going to focus on telling you the dangers of negative self-concept that may occur so that you can take yourself away from the negative self-concept.

Unnecessary Self-Protection

The first danger you have to know related to the negative self-concept is unnecessary self-protection. This way, one can protect himself or herself which is unnecessarily to do.

This means, when you have a negative self-concept, you will likely take out yourself from any of social interactions. You are protecting yourself too much. Well, this is quite dangerous for your social life, future and life experience.

Fear of Rejection

The second danger of negative self-concept is that you are afraid of being rejected. You are not confident to engage in any social interaction.

You feel as if you would be rejected and no one would accept you either as a friend, relative or a member of society. This makes your self-confidence decreases significantly.

Development of Self-Destructive Way of Thinking

The negative self-concept may also cause you to develop a self-destructive way of thinking. This way, you may have a thought which can destroy either your life or anybody else’s life.

Unwilling To Take A Risk

You must also be aware of having self-concept and keep it positive. It is due to the fact that if you won’t take a risk to step forward for a brighter future.

Remember, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. This means that by taking a risk, you will probably have a chance to change one thing better.

In this case, the negative self-concept which makes you unwilling to take a risk can lead you to reach nothing in your life.

Limited Ability to Have Relationship

Like it has been told, because of the negative self-concept, you feel as if you were rejected, thus, you are afraid to build any personal relationship as well as friendship. This is not good to go to face the future.


In conclusion, the dangers of negative self-concept may bring some bad impacts to someone’s life. The five dangers of negative self-concept we have just reviewed are just some general examples to give you a description of how a self-concept must be positive instead of letting it be negative.

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